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Lenovo Ideapad U1 – fantastic 2

LenovoIdeaPadU1Hybrid21_thumbIt’s good to see new idea implemented. Now it’s Lenovo’s turn. The idea of having tablet and the base is not that new since always innovating introduced a while ago although they don’t do mass production as of yet [or can’t build enough.] However, Lenovo came up with a similar idea, but it seems to be much more practical. Instead of having 1 machine which can be separated into 2 pieces, they decided to have 2 separated machines that can be merged into 1 device. Really interesting!

A tablet part is running by 1GHz ARM processor, 16GB SSD, Wifi-n, 3G, resistive touch, webcam, and battery. It’s powered by Lenovo-customized version of Linux. A base part is another machine running by Core 2 processor, standard HDD, memory, HDMI, Wifi-n [another NIC for base!!], and battery which is operated by Windows 7. You might wonder if they can really run as 2 devices; They can! according to You can use your TV or monitor plug to HDMI for the base while playing with the tablet part somewhere else.

How do they work? There is some sort of synchronizing program when 2 parts are joined. You will not lose anything when running on each device. For example, you are browsing Google Reader on tablet part. When you merge it to the base, that page will show in Windows 7 too. Well, I’m looking forward to it!

Lenovo blog says it is believed to cost $999 as starting price point and will be available in April, 2010. Not too shabby.

More information:
Hand-on video @
A lot of pictures @
Inside info @ Lenovo blog

TVSU revival by request!

I don’t know if you guys know about this or not, but what I first thought is ThinkVantage System Update was temporarily dropped service due to update or whatever. It’ was turned out to be Lenovo decided to cut TVSU out of ThinkVantage Suite due to the maintenance cost.

However, System Update made its way back by tons of requests. I’m really happy to see it back and it works just fine with Win7 (which I don’t have complete set of ThinkVantage software such as Fingerprint and Active Protection System) but CSS still doesn’t get along with clean install Win7. Oddly upgrading Win7 from Vista, CSS works flawlessly!

TVSU on Windows 7 

This can be either the way to waste Lenovo’s bandwidth or it’s the way to keep the crowd with Thinkpad. But the bottom line is happy customers. You are on the right track, Lenovo!

Download TVSU 3.14.0024

ThinkVantage System Update – big UPDATE coming??

System Update -- Shut down temporarily

Although all ThinkVantage softwares are likely to be just redundancy from Windows stock, System Update is one of the best ThinkVantage software provided for Thinkpad. It basically automatically finds all necessary drivers and apps (of course within ThinkVantage suite) that need to be updated or installed and set all we want up by single-click. It works on and off sometimes but, 70%-80% chance, this helps save quite a lot of time spending on IBM support site. I don’t blame their unorganized site by any mean since there are tons of update every week. It’s just hard to be that organize and up-to-date at the same time.

By the way, I COULD NOT UPDATE ANYTHING with System UPDATE recently. What they tell us is only this pop-up?!? Well, May is coming—tomorrow!!. I hope it would turn out to be something very good for us, Lenovo!!! Don’t just refresh new UI like all new ThinkVantage but only a few improvement then. I don’t care if that looks cool; I want it to work well.

I’m PC Ad: I’m not cool enough to be Mac. That’s why I’m using Thinkpad, perhaps LOL

Touch Book – nice little affordable slate tablet PC

Always InnovatingAfter waiting for Viliv S7 for too long, as usual things go fast in semiconductor world and that is even faster on mobile computing. Today, upcoming ideal machine is coming. Close enough to all netbooks’ buzz with 8.9” screen; but if you may know Intel Atom which is considerably low power consumption on x86 world, it’s still by far to ARM CPU. Oh, yeah ARM on your mobile, PDA, or whatsoever is improving a lot lately. You will see ARM coming more and more I bet.

Touch book The specifications of Touch Book

  • 9.4″ x 7″ x 1.4″ for 2 lbs (with keyboard)
  • ARM Texas Instruments OMAP3 chip 600MHz
  • 1024×600 8.9” screen
  • Storage: 8GB micro SD card
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth
  • 3-dimensional accelerometer
  • Speakers, micro and headphone
  • 6 USB 2.0 (3 internal, 2 external, 1 mini)
  • 10h to 15 hours of battery life

That looks like netbook, right? Look closer in variety of view:-

touch book -- always innovating touch book -- always innovating touch book -- always innovating touch book -- always innovating touch book -- always innovating

Screen is completely detachable and works like a slate tablet PC. That reminds me of HP Compaq Tablet PC TC1000, hybrid tablet pc one. Although Touch Book is sort of  low power comparing to netbook or any UMPC, with $299 (or $399 w/ keyboard) price tag, it’s hard to beat. 10-hour battery life with no sleep/shutdown hassle—that looks like huge PDA replacement for me =)

Stay tuned!! I might have a chance to get this for review later on if Pandora will not be released anytime soon hahaha.

Check out more info or *PRE-ORDER* @ & First hand-on by Gizmodo—over there there are such a nice set of photo and clip when Touch book ran. I think it’s quite impressive. If you ask me, I will take this over Viliv S7 I have waited for a while since battery life is more important than performance due to my usage.

Touch book - Internal USB portOh I forget to mention internal USB port it features! Kind of very cool idea! Instead of hanging USB dongle outside, why don’t we put them inside the chassis??

haha Logitech, with their nano receiver, might not think it’s cool though =)

For whom you need more screen-estate, dual 15.4”

gScreenIt’s symmetric dual screen unlike Thinkpad W700ds, you may like to know the spec:-

gScreen G400 15.4-inch Specs:
> 2 – 15.4-inch LED – backlit display screens
> Windows VISTA w/ WIN XP PRO
> Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz T9600 or P8400 2.26-GHz
> 4 – 8 GB of RAM
> 160GB – 500GB 7200-rpm HD
> NVIDIA® Quadro FX 2700M Graphics with 512MB dedicated memory
NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800M GT with 512MB dedicated memory
> Ports: USB 2.0 (x6), VGA, Display Port, RJ-45, Audio, Firewire 1394 Powered 6-pin
> 6 and 9-cell battery available
> Starting at 7.7 lbs.

There is no word on screen resolution, but I bet it’s going to be 1280*800 each? gScreen will be available for any customer on Feb 25, 2009 on It will be 13” and/or 17” next later late this year depending on how popular 15.4” model will be I guess. Also, there will be rugged version of this huge screen laptop for US NAVY. Still no clue if it will be available to consumer or not though.Looking forward to seeing more variation of laptop besides netbook evolution this year!!

visit for upcoming update.

Netbooks all around—what catch me most?

Only tiny bit over a year since the first “netbook,” Asus Eee PC 701, was released to the market. I don’t think anyone expected netbook to be this large market, but it is growing constantly and rapidly. However, it’s probably coming real close to saturated point so far. It just could not be anything more than this since there is almost no possibly significant improvement available. Low price? yes eventually Eee 701 and 900A reach $199 in brick and mortar store. If it’s lower than this, I bet Asus would better bundle with their hi-end motherboards which almost twice as that. Performance? I think Atom can only take you this far since intel won’t take any risk to destroy Pentium D indeed. Cheap stuff gives less margin; no business wants to destroy its own profit indeed. Size? 7” 9” 10” 12” what else do you want? smaller than this will be MID or PDA or even phone, larger than this is Notebook. There is just no more room to fit in. CDROM? we still need that? once a year usage won’t justify extra price and weight for this market.

What we have so far should be about the same as we will have in next 6 months or a year I guess and I’m really happy seeing all netbooks available in B&M store. In my opinion, if I have planned to buy another netbook besides Eee 702 I’m using, I will buy …

  1. HP 2133 Mini-Note – It fades out of the market for a while; although keyboard is big, it looks so cheap anyway. Passed! We’ll see if HP Mini 2140 will be better or not.
  2. MSI Wind 10” – this could be named as king of netbook because it’s just about right in everything. Sadly it’s too big for my taste.
  3. Acer Aspire 1 – this is another good netbook with a nice keyboard. No weird right-shift anymore, but it failed me in term of appearance.
  4. Eee Eee Eee – I don’t know what model they have anymore 900 900A 900HA 901A 902Z 1000HA 1000A whatever I don’t care them anymore, just because too many models and I don’t believe in quality of SSD from Asus from my own experience. For $300+ I expected to know what I will get, not luck.
  5. Dell mini 9 – it might be a good one, but by the fact that it is the only one I have yet to see in person and there is no dedicated F1-F12 keys. I would not get it anyway. Such a shame that most B&M stores carry Dell laptop, but it’s hard to find Dell mini 9.
  6. Lenovo S10 – look good; quite good features; small keyboard for 10”; somehow I just don’t feel S10 better than anyone else on the market, how weird is that?
  7. Samsung NC10 – the first contender for Wind 10” throne. Fantastic >6-hr battery life on 6-cell; nice design; matte finish chassis. Ohh I like it very much. It seems to be real solid machine in my opinion.
  8. HP Mini 1000 – damn! I couldn’t believe that HP can improve 2133 this much. Same design but look much much more solid than the predecessor. Its lid looks like normal HP, but once open it. What a nice job from HP! Everything is about the same with others IMO but it looks much better with matte finish. Just about 3-hr battery life—no larger battery available due to design—not so bad, but it wins me completely.

Although I’m not a person who buy things by its look, when comparing HP Mini 1000 to the rest, it just shines. If you don’t see it in person yet and are looking for netbook, I highly recommend to see and play HP Mini 1000 by yourself. Alternatively, Samsung NC10 could be on the top of the chart in term of functionality. Again if I were you, I definitely pick HP Mini 1000. Hey! sometimes look can just win functionality without any logical reason.

HP Mini 1000HP Mini 1000HP Mini 1000

** I can’t believe I like HP product this much since I hate glossy design so badly. HP Mini 1000 is just an exception.

Netbook & Notebook gap getting darn too close with Dell Mini 12

The day netbook will merge with notebook is closer than you and I think–next month!? Since Dell will unleash Dell Inspiron Mini 12, the successor of Mini 9, with $600-$700 price tag depending on configuration. 6-cell battery one probably last 6-hour (let’s say 4-5 in practice) according to
Dell inspiron Mini 12Dell inspiron Mini 12

Brief specification of this mutant netbook:-
CPU: Intel Atom
Hard disk drive: 60/80GB
OS: Windows Vista Home Basic
Screen: 12.1" Glossy WXGA (1280×800)
Connectivity: Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11b/g
Ports: 3*USB, VGA, Card reader, Mic & headphone jack.
Extra: Webcam
Thickness: 0.92" – 1.09"
Weight: 2.72 lbs

I am amazed of what netbook is going to be–from 7" Eee 70x to now in only less than a year!! No more portability in that sense. Not that I don’t like this, but this should mean things equipped Intel Atom shouldn’t belong to only netbook no more. Then it will make sense

IMO, eventually expensive ultra portable will fade away from the market. No matter how good they are, they are just like Vertu which offers none to other, but extraordinary price that no one considers buying one. Sad that some of them are such a great thing–Sony TZ. The question is whether we will see less and less innovation in that area too? probably so. :-/ [but we will see innovation in low-end side instead!! :-D I don't know which is better honestly.]

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 vs Macbook Air Dell Inspiron Mini 12 vs Macbook Air

check out more pics @

[via &]

Missing Fingerprint software on your HP laptop

It’s a weird issue since wouldn’t provide their fingerprint software in recovery partition although your system has fingerprint reader. And HP website doesn’t good at providing information about it that much. It’s intuitive and easy to find drivers enough for Windows, so it won’t bother you about missing any. However, after I had tried several times, all drivers and apps available in the product page are not enough to make the machine perform as good as HP factory image. Maybe I miss something? But that should mean HP give me less info too :-P If you have any recommend, please share. I have tx2500z.

Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Well, anyway, if you are restore your OS back with HP recovery partition or disc, you will not have Fingerprint Software with you and the thing is there are 2 different softwares available from HP; first is Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager and another one is Digital Persona. Frankly you can use both of them–but should be only 1 at a time, ok? I believe that the first one is originally for older system (2007 or before) and the latter one is for newer one. I do recommend the 2nd one, it’s really good one. You can even save password for your IM or any programs since its logo would float almost all the time when there is password field show up.

Here is the link for Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager and surely this is for Digital Persona.

Have fun swipe your finger!!

Note: if you are not yet doing restoration/clean installation, don’t forget to archive C:\SWSetup. That’s all you need–everything, all drivers and apps that you have since the first you got your machine.

Is Dell 90W adapter fragile?

dell-90w-issue I don’t know whether or not this is widespread problem, but I could find people who face this situation easily with a single search. The same applies to one of my friends; she said that she has this problem with previous and the current machine. For the first machine, she just left behind. However, she brought this to me this time.

The Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined

The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and battery will not charge.

It’s what you see above; this machine was locked to run as slow as it could–always 800MHz instead of 1.73Ghz. Whether the adapter couldn’t provide enough juice or the DC jack on this board is malfunction was possible here. It was really hard to decide if you didn’t have a spare adapter to test. Therefore, it left me no choice but buying a new adapter to test. Luckily Dell adapter was cheap =) only $28+$9 shipping from and it took 3 days to arrive.

After I got a replacement–new one has a ground line as a plus, Dell probably realized that laptop case was not the best place as a ground (electrical charge was noticeable on the chassis when I put the old adapter.)

adapter 90W pa-10 adapter 90W pa-10 adapter 90W pa-10

Soon after I popped up new adapter, the Inspiron 9400 was coming alive again; battery was charging immediately and it sucks full 90W–Kill a Watt meter told me. It’s really surprise that this 17″ laptop draws power even more than my desktop!

Briefly, this machine is only 1 and a half years old, and surely out of warranty. If you have this problem and it’s in warranty, Dell should not have any problem replacing the broken adapter for sure. In fact, this adapter basically should last longer than the laptop itself. I really have no clue how Dell took care of this design & manufacturer at first place since I never heard this problem with another brand yet. Maybe that’s just me :-P

Note: 90W draw occurs only when you have almost empty battery and/or run this machine simultaneously. 40-60W is a regular power draw for normal condition.

All new ThinkPad & IdeaPad from Lenovo

X200Finally It’s the time for Thinkpad 6x series to go since it has been out for a few years now. Yes, the newcoming Thinkpad is still Thinkpad–you know that its design will rather be evolution than revolution and IdeaPad will still follow the same old design. What you are likely to get now is

X200 will be the successor of X61 with 0.8" think design likely to be the same footprint as X300 and more interestingly it will start at $1,199 with 11.6" by 8.3" by 0.73"-0.8" & only 2.93 lbs. I can’t wait to see X200 Tablet here.

SL series

SL series will debut for small business section; from SL300 (13.3"), SL400 (14"), and SL500 (15"); $699-$1199 price range; HDMI, Blu-ray, 3G, and WiMAX as optional. I guess this would be in the same market as Dell Vostro series.


W series is another new series here separating form T series with an ability to switch back and forth between ATi Mobility FireGL and integrated one.

T400 T500

T400 and T500 will replace T61, similarly to W series w/o switchable graphic card.

R400 R500

R400 & R500 will be the budget series as same as R is.

For IdeaPad, there will be 4 new models as well. Quite a lot for Lenovo, huh?


U330 will be a bigger sibling of fabulous U110 with a little over 4 lbs and switchable graphic cards. Quite interesting really.


Y-series will unleash Y430, Y530 and Y730 as 14", 15" and 17" model respectively

They all are based on Intel Centrino 2 platform (aka. Montevina) which will utilize 1066 MT/s FSB and better RAM than DDR2-667 that we all have in Santa Rosa platform–that includes DDR2-800, DDR3-800, DDR3-1066, and DDR3-1333. It also will support DisplayPort–new digital display interface–along with full supplemental support of HDMI, DVI, and VGA standards and mini-PCIe adapter as well. For integrated graphic card, it will be X4500. We will see how this compete with AMD Puma platform. I bet Intel will win over everything but graphic card, which might be the most important factor. Stay tuned.

[via Engadgat, Gizmodo, and Yahoo! news]